Carving machine

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1X - Axis Travel      350        mm      
2Y- Axis Travel      500        mm
3Z- Axis Travel      90         mm
4Double spindle center distance      338        mm
5Table Dimension   700 * 500     mm
6Maximum loading height      100        mm
7Positioning precision 0.008/300      mm
8Repeating positioning precision     0.005       mm
9Cutting Spee     15000    mm/min
10X/ Y/ Z Feed Rate     18000    mm/min
11Number of spindles2
12Drive Power1.2/1.5/1.8 KW    
13Spindle Speed60000/100000 RPM   
14aAccuracy of tool checking instrument0.005mm
15Machine Dimension (L x W x H)1360*1500*1900   mm
16Floor space 2000 * 1800    mm
17Power supply and total powerAC220V 50Hz / 5.5KW

Application Industry:
Touch screen, display, cover, protective sheet processing
PC, acrylic, PET window lens processing
Phone frame, key processing
Test the batch processing of the fixture
Other plastic, hand plate. Copper and aluminum and soft metal processing

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