Tongling PCB East into the Yangtze River Delta to create new advantages

Update time: 2017-07-03 10:44:58  Views: 32
    Recently, in Tongling Economic Development Zone Anbo circuit board company's production workshop, see the production lines are busy, drilling, etching, electroplating, welding and other production processes in an orderly manner. A printed circuit board produced by a variety of processes, it was packaged up to Suzhou and other Yangtze River Delta area.

    The company planning manager Jiang Li told reporters: "Our company can be said that Tongling PCB printed circuit board industry to participate in the Yangtze River Delta industrial division of labor and cooperation of a bridge.Currently, the company's production capacity is probably more than 60,000 square meters a month circuit Board, the main order comes from the Yangtze River Delta.

    An Bo circuit board company's circuit board is divided into home appliances and automotive, home appliances accounted for about 50% of the car category accounted for 20% to 30%. The company is Tongling City to participate in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration division of labor and cooperation in a microcosm. Tongling City Development and Reform Commission was informed that, in order to build inland open new high ground and the Yangtze River Delta growth pole, Tongling City, focusing on five aspects from the Yangtze River Delta city group to carry out docking, based on the advantages of industry and convenient traffic conditions, and actively speed up the development platform and The construction of the system, into the Yangtze River Delta city group, to achieve the city's economic dislocation development.

    At present, Tongling City and the Yangtze River Delta city group into the "2-hour economic circle" era. With the continuous integration of docking, the city's copper industry towards the whole chain, high-value direction extension, the new energy vehicles from the production of parts to the vehicle manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing forward, electronic information industry by the components, printed circuit board Mobile phones and other end products to expand. The city's 73 enterprises and "all the way" 49 countries and regions to carry out economic and trade cooperation.
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