PVA/PP/PU sponge roller

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Hydrophilic sponge details and use

1. Before use in the water soaked to soft (not soaked in 80 ℃ water above), after use in the ventilation to dry, so harden,

2. The product has a strong ability to absorb water and water supply capacity, after the water does not drip water

3 The product contains a mildew resistant agent that does not mold and is more flexible than any other sponge and is not easy to tear,

4. The product is very light, smooth and excellent water absorption;

5. Apply to make-up, wipes, exercise sweat, oral surgery, blood-sucking and cleaning. The product is very soft, and the liquid will not drip out. Sponge drum, for the decoration industry, electronic water, water filtration and so on. Has a strong toughness, high density and high wear resistance

Material: PU, PVA, PVC hose.

Sponge suction roller is a kind of microporous, and the pores are connected with each other, good water absorption, with good corrosion resistance, with it to absorb the surface moisture is very ideal, it requires moisture state, so the It is stored in a sink. Polyester PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) made of sponge absorbent roll, because the hydrophilic substrate of the micro-connected pores to have a good good water absorption, water retention capacity, coupled with its unique softness, you can Widely used in printed PCB board, LED, glass products, steel, aluminum and other panels of the cleaning, pressure fluid, water, dehydration process.
Sponge suction roller technical indicators:
① water absorption capacity of up to their dry weight of 6 to 10 times.
② the general use of the temperature can not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise it will age and shorten the use of time, good adhesion of the suction roller, such as temporary, should be maintained in the water.
③ the normal use of the period of 5 to 8 months

Technical parameters 1. The use of temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise it will age and shorten the use of time.
2. Acid and alkali resistance.
3. When not in the conservation of water, so as not to deformation.
Specifications: (Unit: mm)

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