Samsung Electronics shrinks China business last year, the number of employees in China decreased by 17.5%

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As the world's largest consumer electronics companies, Samsung Electronics has already entered China, the layout of the sales, product development, and even semiconductor manufacturing and many other areas, Samsung brand in China called a household name. However, South Korean media recently revealed the news, Samsung Electronics in China, the number of employees last year reduced by nearly two percent, indicating that Samsung Electronics is shrinking business in China.

     Prior to this, Samsung Electronics in China has not announced a large-scale layoffs. Earlier this year, media reported that Samsung Electronics will adjust the sales of the Chinese market, which may lead to one-third of employees lost their jobs.

    According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics on July 2 public statistics show that last year the number of employees of the company for the first time in seven years down, but the main reason is the sharp decline in the number of employees in China.

    Data show that the end of last year, the number of Samsung electronic employees was 30.87 million, compared with the previous year's 32.57 million reduction of 5.2%. According to regional statistics, in South Korea, the number of Samsung electronic workers decreased by 3.8% to 9.3 million, the number of overseas employees decreased by 5.8% to 215,500 people.

    As of the end of last year, Samsung Electronics overseas business accounted for the proportion of staff decreased by 0.4 percentage points to 69.8%. Roughly, Samsung Qicheng employees are located overseas, the degree of internationalization is quite high.

    In China, Samsung Electronics last year, the number of employees was 3.7 million, compared with the previous year's 4.49 million reduction of 17.5%. In the Americas, the number of Samsung electronics employees decreased by 8.5% to 2.58 million.

    Samsung Electronics executives explained that the company in South Korea, the decline in the number of employees, the main reason is the transfer of the printer business to the United States Hewlett-Packard. The executives said that Samsung has also restructured in China's manufacturing facilities and other Asian business areas, which has also led to a decline in the number of overseas employees.

    For China's regional factory how to reorganize, Samsung did not disclose. Statistics also show that last year, Samsung electronic female employees accounted for 44%, down two percentage points over the previous year.

    Statistics show that Samsung Electronics has 238 manufacturing plants worldwide, 53 product logistics centers, 34 R & D centers, 7 design centers and 73 service centers. Also in the world with 2468 business partners.

    Samsung Electronics manufacturing base, all over overseas countries, including Samsung has been built in Vietnam, a huge manufacturing base of electronic products, Samsung flagship mobile phones are mostly from Vietnam. As the Vietnamese labor costs are low, while relying on the huge emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Samsung has become a high hopes for the manufacturing base and investment hot spot.

    Samsung Electronics also has a number of smart phones and home appliances factories in India. According to the South Korean media reported in June, the face of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers to quickly get the share of the Indian smart phone market, Samsung Electronics will increase the $ 600 million investment in India to increase the production of smart phones and other electrical appliances.

    Last year in the smart phone market, Samsung Electronics in the Chinese market suffered a major setback. External market data show that Samsung's smartphone sales in China, plunged by 60%, almost the largest decline in the manufacturers, its market share in China, there have been landslides.

    Samsung Electronics sales in China, "cliff-type crash", whether and China's business restructuring, layoffs have a relationship, is still unknown. In addition to Samsung Electronics, the US Apple sales in the Chinese mobile phone market also appeared to decline, the agency data show a quarterly decline of 15%.

    And Huawei, OPPO, vivo and other Chinese manufacturers, is taking away the share of Apple and Samsung.

    A few years ago, Samsung Electronics was the first in the Chinese mobile phone market, in the high-end low-end market launched a total of goods, but with the rapid rise of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung Electronics gradually marginalized, the current mid-and the following market has been Chinese companies monopoly, Samsung Electronics rely on industrial design quite good Galaxy S, Note series flagship mobile phone, high-end mobile phone market in China, still have a certain appeal.

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