May North American PCB business downturn

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    July 5, 2017, Benin Island, Illinois, USA - IPC - International Electronics Industry Connect Association ® today released the "May 2017 North American PCB industry research statistics report". The report shows that sales and orders in May were lower than the same period last year, and orders shrank to push orders to 1.05.

    The total shipments of North American PCBs in May 2010 decreased by 3.1% compared to the same period in 2016; shipments from the beginning of the year to the previous year were 4.3% lower than the same period last year. Compared with the previous month, May shipments fell 26.7%.

    In May 2017, North American PCB orders, compared with the same period last year, down 7.3%; year-to-date orders down 1.3% over the same period last year. Compared with the previous month, orders fell by 33.6%.

    IPC marketing research director Sharon Starr said: "May PCB sales and orders both shrink, the order of the shrinking orders from the month of April to reach 20 months since the peak fell down, but fortunately the order shipments still Maintain above the equilibrium point, which is standing for four consecutive months on the balance point, indicating that the second half of the sales are strong signs.

    Report details

    "May North American PCB industry research report" will be published next week. The report details the sales volume of rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs, the amount of orders and their respective order shipments, the growth of different companies, and the growth of military market, the demand for molds, and other important real-time data The Participants in the survey can obtain the report free of charge.

    Data interpretation

    Order shipment ratio is obtained by participating in the IPC research project sample company in the past three months by the amount of orders divided by the same period of sales, the ratio obtained. The ratio of more than 1.00, said the current demand exceeds the supply, indicating that in the next three to six months, sales will grow to the trend of development. If the ratio is less than 1.00, it means that the current supply is greater than the demand.

    Year-on-year growth rate and year-to-date growth rate, to explore the development trend of the industry has a guiding significance. Ring data due to its cyclical and short-term changes in the impact of factors that need to be treated with caution. Compared with the shipping data, the order data changes more, month and month order shipment ratio change, it is not so important, unless there is a continuous trend for more than three consecutive months. Exploring changes in orders and shipments is just as important as understanding changes in order shipments.

    IPC's monthly PCB industry statistics comes from local data provided by regular rigid and flexible PCB manufacturer sample companies in the US and Canada. IPC will issue monthly PCB order shipments and PCB statistics project reports. Monthly statistical reports will be released in the last week of next month.

    About IPC

    IPC-International Electronics Industry Association is a global non-profit electronics industry association. IPC is headquartered in Benooke, Illinois, USA. We are committed to enhancing the competitive advantage of more than 4,000 member companies and helping them achieve business success. Our member companies are located in all aspects of the electronics industry chain including design, printed circuit boards, electronic assembly, OEM and testing. As a member-driven organization, we provide services mainly: industry standards, training certification, market research and environmental protection, and through the development of various types of industrial projects to meet the global output value of 2 trillion US dollars in industry demand. In addition, IPC is in Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, New Mexico, Taos, Virginia, Wellington, Sweden, Stockholm, Russia, Moscow, India, Bangalore, Belgium, Brussels and other places are equipped mechanism.

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