From Dream to Real PCB Automation Production Line Layout Design

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Integrated Process Systems, IPS is a manufacturer specializing in the production of automated wet process equipment and materials handling mobile systems, located in Cedar City, Utah, USA. IPS was established in June 1996, the company's business philosophy is to become multi-product, multi-industry companies. In 1996, IPS acquired the assets of VCM's vertical processing equipment and, in 2000, acquired the assets of Horizontal Process Equipment and VRP technology from Western Technology Associates Inc. (WTA). These acquisitions ensure that IPS has the most advanced production lines and provides a complete solution for all wet process and material handling needs.

None of the 39 suppliers working with Whelen have fully automated facilities and complete line layout designs like IPS led by Mike Brask. In the early stages of construction in February 2014, IPS contacted Whelen, where they placed the required infrastructure in the right place before the installation of the equipment. Including the design and installation of all overhead equipment: Roof blowers, pipelines, and all Unistrut frames (yellow and green represent Mike's favorite Green Bay team - and the factory is located in the New England Patriots The center of the site). IPS also hired local machinery contractors to be responsible for the construction of plumbing facilities, which would then be connected to pressurized pumping stations (also installed by IPS) and throughout the plant. The IPS team spent about 18 months on Whelen's project.

When talking about a large project, Brask said, "from the engineering point of view, the difficulty lies in taking into account the progress of the entire process and the required automation details; Alex Stepinski designed the flow chart and the entire process Logic, but what should the tool do? That's what we're responsible for. He's doing so very well in the process, making the whole job a lot easier, but then we need to configure the tools to implement their respective functions - this step It will take some time.There is also a difficult thing is that under normal circumstances the equipment manufacturers in the United States are not always able to receive such a large order.We must quickly improve their production capacity, balance between large orders and other items Resource allocation."
IPS equipment accounted for one-third of Whelen's equipment spending. IPS installed a total of 52 machines at Whelen. Working with other vendors to integrate their tools into a software management system is also a key technical challenge. As part of a complete solution, IPS's responsibility is to integrate these tools into the production line. This process involves writing software drivers to handle each vendor-specific format and language, and in some cases, these formats and languages have not yet been developed when IPS receives orders. All systems are programmed to help the user determine that the progress of the process of the items to be processed in each pallet is independent of the route and tracking. It is this software and hardware that keeps the production line running.

All of the IPS devices are manufactured in Cedar City, Utah, USA, and only mobile devices are manufactured by WorldTech, which is based in Taiwan and is an IPS partner. WorldTech's automated conveyor system is excellent and runs smoothly with IPS loaders / unloaders, buffer systems, etch and stripping systems. But the most impressive IPS system should be that vertical plating equipment. This machine is fully automated, can get the maximum production cycle benefits; a panel from the system to the system only takes 30 to 40 minutes. When all the devices are installed, IPS will work with their touch screen supplier, Proface, to develop software that will integrate all the machines and enable real-time monitoring of each job.
In the budget set by Whelen, Alex conceals an unparalleled factory, and IPS is the core role of turning this idea into reality.
"We are redefining the company," Brask said. "We have just set up this company to create a variety of products that are covered by many industries, and we are often bound by this business philosophy. And we are fortunate to keep the stability of the company.Now we are doing is to redefine the business plan, the integration and automation onto the table, which is the future trend of the US circuit board industry trends.

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