Microsoft shut down the US flat-panel production plant at the same time layoffs

Update time: 2017-07-17 10:49:47  Views: 13

    According to foreign media reports, a recent Microsoft internal documents were exposed by the media, they plan to close in the United States Oregon Wilsonville Surface Hub tablet factory. In the closure of the factory at the same time, Microsoft will also abolish 124 jobs. But there are media that Microsoft's practice is not to give up the Surface Hub product line, but the normal adjustment.

  The first exposure of the news of the Puget Sound business magazine also mentioned that the staff of the 126 employees are mainly engineering positions, but compared to the previous Microsoft's overall layoffs of the 3000 sales positions will not be very Shock. Microsoft press spokesman responded to the news, they are already strengthening the surface product line production progress, and the closure of the factory is only a normal adjustment.

    Last week, Microsoft officially announced that it will be a major restructuring, mainly for sales, and will cut 3,000 employees, mainly for sales staff. The number of layoffs accounts for about 10 percent of Microsoft's total sales team, and about 75 percent of its employees are from outside the United States.

    "Microsoft is in the process of reforming our customers and partners, and today we are taking steps to inform some of our employees that their posts are already under consideration, and some of them," a Microsoft spokeswoman said to CNBC. The job will be canceled.With all the companies, we will regularly assess our business situation, so that we know where the investment should be increased, and from time to time to adjust.

    Microsoft's layoffs at this time is not aimed at cutting costs, but to reform Microsoft's sales. Microsoft said the company's plan is to fully use those who have more knowledge in the specific vertical business staff, so as to help companies sell more products.

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