SMT ELECTROTECH is a well-known trade and manufacturer for PCB equipment and spare parts in China.We focus on providing the best products and services for our clients. After making efforts for several years, we are in the leading level on technology, production and service in PCB industry. We own an experienced team that provides professional services for each customer, from perfect products to technical training. Our company provide full range of PCB equipemnt accessories ,price is very advantageou in PCB market. Our empressement has earned good reputation and continual orders from india, iran, Turkey etc.Professional service´╝üGood faith!Keep improving!...查看更多

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  • 2017-09-18iPhone X slow listed PCB supply chain: revenue continued red

    Apple released a new generation of iPhone on the 13th, the most eye-catching iPhone X is expected to be officially listed in November, the relevant printed circuit board supply chain is not worried, in addition to emphasizing revenue continued charge, and even help the traditional off-season revenue next year light. Apple CEO Tom Cook (Tim Cook) 13 launch iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the advent of the iPhone 10 anniversary iPhone X, Phone 8 series is expected to begin on the 15th, 22 officia...

  • 2017-09-15PCB upstream offer stupid copper foil the most upstart

    The third quarter of the traditional season and the arrival of land mall shouting, the London Metal Exchange in August higher copper prices, printed circuit board upstream electronic grade fiberglass cloth, copper foil offer in September are stupid, especially the copper foil phase. For the electronic grade glass fiber cloth, copper foil downstream copper substrate (CCL) plant, in the upstream supply tight or spread the sound, but also positive and downstream printed circuit board (PCB) factory...

  • 2017-09-112016 global PCB manufacturing enterprises hundred list released

    NTI-100 Global PCB Manufacturing Enterprise Top 100 list by NT Information Zhongyuan Jiexiong Dr. release. The list of standards for business revenue more than 100 million US dollars.Note: The number of Chinese enterprises on the list of 45 enterprises, accounting for 39.8%, on the list of corporate revenue growth of 13.5%, far higher than the global top 100 enterprises average recession level of 2.1%. KB Group PCB first entered the top ten list of the world...

  • 2017-09-08PCB output is expected to rise this year, IEK estimated 1%

    IIP IEK expects Taiwan's printed circuit board (PCB) output to rise above this year, reaching NT $ 507.4 billion, up 1% from last year. Dong Zhongming, senior industry analyst at IEK Research Center (ITRI), attended the seminar on advanced electronic circuit trends organized by the Taiwan Circuit Board Association, and reported on the development of PCB industry in Taiwan this year. Dong Zhongming said that according to the International Monetary Fund announced the global economic growth rate f...

  • 2017-08-29PCB level plating line factory status

    With the development of high-end PCB products, the island's large-scale PCB manufacturers have begun a positive transformation, in this trend, making the PCB industry, technology and funding threshold to upgrade up, it is estimated that a level of plating equipment plant equipment Need one million dollars. China has been in the field of PCB for a long period of time, and many equipment manufacturers in the early development of the PCB industry has been accompanied by growth, especially in the we...

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