SMT ELECTROTECH is a well-known trade and manufacturer for PCB equipment and spare parts in China.We focus on providing the best products and services for our clients. After making efforts for several years, we are in the leading level on technology, production and service in PCB industry. We own an experienced team that provides professional services for each customer, from perfect products to technical training. Our company provide full range of PCB equipemnt accessories ,price is very advantageou in PCB market. Our empressement has earned good reputation and continual orders from india, iran, Turkey etc.Professional service´╝üGood faith!Keep improving!...MORE





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  • 2017-07-24How to look at the LED industry's customized development

    In recent years, LED display market competition is more intense, the market is also constantly subdivided. To promote LED display products from a single to diversified, personalized changes, in order to stand out in the competition, to win more market share, many screen enterprises began to introduce some customized, personalized products, services and solutions, in order to more excellence. This "custom" production can be based on the specific needs of customers, for the design and production ...

  • 2017-07-21IoT era PCB design

    Earlier in the development of printed circuit boards, the electronics industry in the plate, copper printing methods, miniaturization, rigid flexibility, ELIC, EDA, etc. has made great progress. If the PCB design and technology continue to evolve, we are now at home, in the car, in the workplace to use a lot of equipment can not become a reality. By 2017, we are in the concept of Internet of things is driven by the development from the development of reform.So far, IoT's concept and its extensiv...

  • 2017-07-17Microsoft shut down the US flat-panel production plant at the same time layoffs

    According to foreign media reports, a recent Microsoft internal documents were exposed by the media, they plan to close in the United States Oregon Wilsonville Surface Hub tablet factory. In the closure of the factory at the same time, Microsoft will also abolish 124 jobs. But there are media that Microsoft's practice is not to give up the Surface Hub product line, but the normal adjustment. The first exposure of the news of the Puget Sound business magazine also mentioned that the staff of the...

  • 2017-07-14From Dream to Real PCB Automation Production Line Layout Design

    Integrated Process Systems, IPS is a manufacturer specializing in the production of automated wet process equipment and materials handling mobile systems, located in Cedar City, Utah, USA. IPS was established in June 1996, the company's business philosophy is to become multi-product, multi-industry companies. In 1996, IPS acquired the assets of VCM's vertical processing equipment and, in 2000, acquired the assets of Horizontal Process Equipment and VRP technology from Western Technology Associat...

  • 2017-07-10May North American PCB business downturn

    July 5, 2017, Benin Island, Illinois, USA - IPC - International Electronics Industry Connect Association ® today released the "May 2017 North American PCB industry research statistics report". The report shows that sales and orders in May were lower than the same period last year, and orders shrank to push orders to 1.05. The total shipments of North American PCBs in May 2010 decreased by 3.1% compared to the same period in 2016; shipments from the beginning of the year to the previous year...

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