SMT ELECTROTECH is a well-known trade and manufacturer for PCB equipment and spare parts in China.We focus on providing the best products and services for our clients. After making efforts for several years, we are in the leading level on technology, production and service in PCB industry. We own an experienced team that provides professional services for each customer, from perfect products to technical training. Our company provide full range of PCB equipemnt accessories ,price is very advantageou in PCB market. Our empressement has earned good reputation and continual orders from india, iran, Turkey etc.Professional service´╝üGood faith!Keep improving!...查看更多

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  • 2017-10-16PCB upstream copper foil, glass gauze offer spread sound copper demand is now worry

    Listed fiberglass gauze factory in September mixed pace, Fu Qiao industry in September and third quarter revenue hit a record high, electronic grade fiberglass cloth factory Dehong industry also hit a 30-month high, pouring the third quarter The third quarter of the new high, nearly 3 years higher than the same period; independence construction industry in September, the third quarter revenue as in August and the second quarter, but in September, the third quarter is still nearly 10 years higher...

  • 2017-10-12Nokia announced the termination of the VR camera development and layoffs of 310 people

    Nokia today announced plans to lay off up to 310 people in its Nokia Technologies division and stop OZO's virtual reality camera and hardware development.The total number of employees in the department is about 1090, and the layoffs may have an impact on Finnish, US and UK employees. As of the end of June the total number of employees is about 102,000 people.Nokia said the department will continue to focus on digital health as well as patent and brand licensing business."The virtual reality mark...

  • 2017-09-29PCB offer stupid Lian Mao, gold home right soared

    Printed circuit board (PCB) hot market, more Korean factory to actively improve the material inventory, and cross-sea to Taiwan to chase a single, leading to the upstream copper foil and other short-term supply of tight supply, pass up, such as the United States and Mao Vendors offer to maintain high prices or brewing the fourth quarter of the increase, the second half of the operation is expected to be injected, quarterly higher. In addition to Apple's new machine pull demand, there are high g...

  • 2017-09-25HTC and Google reached $ 1.1 billion deal Pixel mobile phone team to join Google

    HTC (HTC International Electronics Co., Ltd.) Board of Directors through the signing of a cooperation agreement with Google, HTC focus on Pixel mobile design R & D personnel to join Google, HTC intellectual property rights to non-exclusive license to use Google, trading price of $ 1.1 billion. Specifically, Google will be involved in the original to build Pixel mobile phone HTC team members and related staff to join Google, and buy HTC part of the relevant assets, while HTC will be part of the ...

  • 2017-09-18iPhone X slow listed PCB supply chain: revenue continued red

    Apple released a new generation of iPhone on the 13th, the most eye-catching iPhone X is expected to be officially listed in November, the relevant printed circuit board supply chain is not worried, in addition to emphasizing revenue continued charge, and even help the traditional off-season revenue next year light. Apple CEO Tom Cook (Tim Cook) 13 launch iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the advent of the iPhone 10 anniversary iPhone X, Phone 8 series is expected to begin on the 15th, 22 officia...

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