Notes on PCB Electroplating Lines

Today, I mainly introduce the precautions about PCB electroplating line. Have you paid attention to it?

  1. Precautions for electroplating line and safe production, emergency handling:

(1) The copper strips of the auxiliary anode must be the same length as the production board, about 5 cm wide, and arranged close to the board.

(2) The auxiliary copper strip has been thickened and is not allowed to be used again.

(3) The whole board and the pattern-plated board need to be produced within 24 hours.

(4) Wear spun gauze gloves on the upper panel, brown rubber gloves on the lower panel, rubber gloves on the entire panel, and dry roving gloves on the lower panel.

(5) Protective helmets, protective leather skirts and rubber gloves must be worn when adding nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

(6) When adding all materials, it needs to be added when there is no plate in the tank. When adding copper sulfate, stannous sulfate, and sodium persulfate solid, it must be dissolved in water first, and then added to the water central control tank (copper tank) or in the Add to the plating tank when there is no plate in the tank.

(7) When the normal production cannot be performed in case of driving failure, the board shall be transferred out in the following order: micro-etching → degreasing → copper plating → tin plating → acid soaking. All outboards are washed in the corresponding washing tank, take out the rack and mark the cylinder number and plating time.

(8) The production stoppage time “2 hours requires 15ASF to drag the cylinder for 1 hour, and the production stoppage time “8 hours, 10ASF and 20ASF each need to be used to drag the cylinder for 1 hour.

  1. Precautions when resuming production

(1) The original copper cylinder is unfinished and the copper-plated plate is removed from the original copper cylinder after the normal process pretreatment, and the normal follow-up work is proposed after the cumulative electroplating time reaches 60 minutes.

(2) The untinned plate that has been plated with copper is normally plated under the tin-plated cylinder after normal pretreatment.

(3) The original tin-plated cylinder plate 4# is immersed in acid and then tin-plated until the cumulative time reaches 10 minutes.

(4) The original pre-processing board is produced according to the normal process.

(5) Abnormal situation After the plate is plated, it will be handed over to the inspector for full inspection.

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