China’s 5nm etching machine is available, and it is finally the first step!

China successfully manufactured 5nm etching machine
As far as the world’s chip field is concerned, of course, the United States is definitely in a leading position, but after entering the 5G era, China’s semiconductor chip strength should not be underestimated, and even ranked first in the world in the number of patents for related products. . China is gradually transforming from a world processing factory to a powerhouse of science and technology industry. A recent news shocked the world, that is, China has completed the research and development of 5nm etching machine. There are two key equipments for the production of high-end chips, one is a lithography machine, and the other is an etching machine. On the lithography machine, due to the previous obstacles of the United States, the Dutch company AMSL banned the export of high-end lithography machines to China, which also Let China’s high-end chip industry enter a period of stagnation.
On the etching machine, it is still important for high-end chips. The application field of the etching machine is not only included on the chip, but also can be used in mechanical aviation, which can etch patterns on various metals. For semiconductor chips , the etching machine is an indispensable machine. For high-end chips, the etching machine and the lithography machine are like a person’s right-hand man, and neither can be missing. The importance of the etching machine to the external manufacturing process of the chip is self-evident. The higher the accuracy of the etching machine, the more high-end chips can be produced. At present, looking at the whole world, there are few countries that can have 5nm etching machine technology. less.

China’s successful development of the etching machine this time also brings China one step closer to being controlled by people on high-end chips. The company that successfully developed the 5-nanometer etching machine this time is China’s Zhongwei Semiconductor Corporation, and it is not accidental that it can successfully develop the 5-nanometer etching machine, but the inevitable result of painstaking research. Yin Zhiyao, as a Chinese scientist, has 16 years of work experience in Silicon Valley in the United States. There is no doubt about Yin Zhiyao’s ability. In order to retain such talents, the United States promised him extremely rich remuneration, and even made him the chairman of the Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association. . However, under the temptation of these conditions, Yin Zhiyao still resolutely chose to return to China and dedicate his strength to the semiconductor business of the motherland. After returning to China, Yin Zhiyao founded China Micro Semiconductor. Under the leadership of Yin Zhiyao, China Micro Semiconductor developed etching equipment, which not only broke through the limitations of 5nm technology. The advent of the 5-nanometer etching machine made the United States, Japan and other countries, which are also industrial powers, finally realize that China’s progress in science and technology is gradually rising, and the development momentum is very rapid.

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