Advantages and disadvantages of wet PCB etching

Advantages of wet PCB etching

  • The most important advantage of wet PCB etching is that it can be conducted in a normal atmospheric environment.
  • High etching rate
  • Low operational cost
  • High selectivity: wet etching can be used to etch off a wide range of materials.
  • Ease of equipment maintenance

Disadvantages of wet PCB etching

  •     Inadequate power to etch traces <1μm.
  •     High use of chemicals
  •     Creating a significant amount of hazardous chemical waste
  •     The risk of wafer contamination
  •     Chemical hazards
  • Direct exposure to liquids
  • Direct and indirect exposure to fumes

After the etching process, the end product will have the circuitry as per the designer’s specifications. Soon after the etching is completed, the board will be further processed for stripping. The stripping process removes the electroplated tin or tin/lead or the photoresist from the surface of the board.So, this is the inside story about how the etching process takes place in a PCB manufacturing unit. We also covered different parameters that a manufacturer must monitor when etching. Hope this article scratches your itch for etching machine manufacturer.

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