What is an etching machine used for?

The etching machine is mainly used in aviation, machinery and signage industries. It can etch patterns, patterns and geometric shapes on the surface of various metals and metal products, and can accurately hollow out. It can also etch and cut stainless steel, especially in semiconductors. In the process, etching is an indispensable technology.
Etching refers to the removal of the protective film in the area to be etched after exposure to plate making and development, and contact with chemical solutions during etching to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming concave-convex or hollow molding effects. The etching machine is a kind of equipment that must be used in the process of chip production. The function of this equipment is like a knife in engraving. It removes the unnecessary parts of a complete metal plate, and the rest That’s the circuit you need.
Two kinds of machines are mainly used to produce chips, namely lithography machine and etching machine. The lithography machine projects the circuit diagram on the silicon wafer covered with photoresist. The process of lithography is to coat the surface of the prepared silicon circle with a layer of light. The photoresist is then irradiated to the surface of the silicon circle through the mask. Because of the coverage of the photoresist, the irradiated part is etched away, and the part without light is left. This part is the required circuit structure. Then the etching machine etched away the excess circuit diagram on the silicon wafer where the circuit diagram was drawn, and the rest is the circuit structure

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