Manual hot roller laminator machine

Product description:

The lamination machine inside the drum temperature of the heating mode, the use of day OMRON ESC2 thermostats and non-contact switch (SSR) for precise control pressing wheel temperature so that the film achieve the best state. Before the film has sticky mechanism for cleaning the PCB board (optional), dry film and the board can better fit, coupled with a unique product designs and sophisticated internal structure, much of clients.

Product Features:

1. The use of large diameter hot rollers, heating uniform speed, rubber roller long life.

2. The precise temperature constant system, accurate control of the surface temperature of the pressure roller.

3. The upper and lower integrated streamlined body design, to ensure that the overall balance of the pressure roller.

4. The pressure rollers made of heat-resistant silicone rubber, hardness, rigid-flex PCB can apply.

5. The use of two-cylinder lifting system to ensure even pressure around the pressure roller.

Technical Parameters:

1. Model: YMJ-M25 Yamo

2. Power: AC220V 1φ 50HZ 6KVA

3. Dimensions: W1190 * D872 * H1536 + 100mm

4. Heater: 2KVA AC220V 2 pcs

5. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 120 ℃

6. Temperature Accuracy: ± 3%

7. A heater: bomb cartridge heater

8. Pressure Source: 5kg / cm²

9. substrate size: Length: 150 ~ 610mm width: 50 ~ 610mm thickness: 0.1 ~ 3mm

10. Weight: 220kg

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