CCL upstream main material market in December

Electrolytic copper foil: before July, the price of raw copper was about 38,000 yuan / ton, the processing cost of electrolytic copper foil was about 22,000 yuan / ton, and the overall price was 60,000 yuan / ton; raw copper prices fluctuated little in August-October, and supply was tight to drive processing fees All the way up to 55,000 ~ 60,000 yuan / ton; the price of raw copper soared to 48,000 yuan / ton in early November. As the price of raw copper rose 26%, the driving force for the price increase of electrolytic copper foil was shifted from processing fees to the price of original copper. The overall price has exceeded the 110,000 yuan / ton mark.
Electronic glass fiber cloth: Before July, the electronic glass fiber thick cloth 7628 was about 3.2 yuan per meter, and the price rose to 4.5-5.0 yuan / meter in October. The highest market price in November has reached 6 yuan per meter. The cloth company unified caliber to achieve limited orders or suspension of quotation orders, brewing a new round of price increases in December. It is reported that the thick glass fiber cloth may rise to 7 yuan / meter.
Epoxy resin: rose 0.8-1.2 yuan / KG in the months of September-November, a small increase. The subsequent prices will fluctuate with the international oil prices and chemical material prices. Among the three major CCL materials, the resin is relatively stable.

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