Ultra-low-end mobile phone market shrinks and faces reshuffle

Low price and reliable configuration used to be the most popular marketing slogan of Internet mobile phone manufacturers, but now more and more manufacturers are trying to remove the “low price” label and transition to the high-end market.
Beginning from 2017, the major Internet mobile phone manufacturers began to collectively “yell”. First, the Huawei Honor Brand V9 set the high-profile version to 3499 yuan, and the low-profile version also went to 2599 yuan. Immediately afterwards, the “standard price” of the golden standard version of Xiaomi Mi 6 on the Internet reached 3,999 yuan, as well as the subsequent flagship products of various Internet mobile phones, which will be priced to mid-to-high end.
Behind the price increase, on the one hand, the Internet model needs to be adjusted under the consumption upgrade; on the other hand, the rising cost of component purchases and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations have also made Internet manufacturers reluctant to “roundabout” in the low-end market. In addition, according to market research institutions, the stagnation of the thousand yuan market has also become the biggest challenge for Internet mobile phone manufacturers. The latest data from Sino in February showed that the sales volume of the ultra-low-end market below 999 yuan decreased by about 20% year-on-year, and the stalls of 1,000 yuan to 2499 yuan stagnate, and the total sales remained at a level.
“The sales volume of ultra-low-end mobile phones has indeed been shrinking. This is a trend. The performance of the 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan stall is still relatively stable.” Sai Rui analyst Li Rui told First Financial reporter that although the Chinese market is still in consumption During the upgrade stage, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are moving closer to the mid-to-high-end market, but from the data point of view, the sales growth in the high-end market is not obvious, and the share of the thousand yuan file still indicates that this is the core gear.

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