Exposure machine

Product description:
The exposure machine using electronic energy-saving transformers, compared with the traditional transformer exposure machine about 25% energy saving. 

In the same power output, the electronic energy-saving transformer output UV intensity higher than the traditional transformer about 30%.

Product Features:
UVED-9000 Exposure Machine Features:
1. Operation interface can be in / English switch, the use of intelligent touch screen, with PLC operations, easy to learn easy to operate.
2. Personalized comprehensive alarm system to ensure the use of equipment safety.
3. Specialized comprehensive UV volume sensing, accurate control of exposure.
4. Mechanical up / down exposure table, the precision measurement, the upper / lower exposure uniform.
5. Equipment capacity and consumption of automatic records, to facilitate the management and production costs.
6. High efficiency refrigeration system, to ensure that the exposure table for a long time to operate the stable temperature.

Technical Parameters:
1 power supply                                        AC 380 V 3φ 50HZ 30KW
2 Dimensions                                          W1820 * D2800 * H1700 mm + 100 mm
3 Effective exposure area                        MAX.610L * 1220W (24 “* 24” * 2 tablets)
4 Exposure frame                                    MTLAR film vacuum suction glass
5 Cooling water source                            10 tons of cooling water tower, water flow 120L / min 

                                                                 (machine flow into the water side of the flow)
6 Lamp cooling method                          The lamp part is air cooled and the lamp part is indirect water cooling
7 Exposure table cooling method             Forced air cooling can be used for temperature control
8 Exposure energy control                       LCD display type UV energy integrator
9 surveillance system                               Self-diagnostic function and abnormal message display
10 Light source system                            9KW halogenated metal lamp * 2; 

                                                                 electronic energy-saving transformer
11 Standby power                                    ≥2.5KW
12 Exposure power                                 Stepless adjustment (power can be set by touch screen)
13 Pressure source                                  Operating pressure 2kgf / ㎝2 or more
14weight                                                 1100KG

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