How to maintain the pcb developing machine

pcb developing machine
  The developing machine is a printing processing equipment that partially or completely completes the development, washing, gluing, drying and other processes of the printed printing plate through a semi-automatic and fully automatic procedure. Generally consists of transmission system, developing system, washing system, drying system, program control system and other parts.
How to maintain the pcb developing machine
   1. Ensure that the developer circulation, glue circulation, and water circulation are smooth and free of blockages;
  2. Replace the developer regularly and clean the developer at the same time (it is recommended to clean once a day);
  3. Replace the filter element regularly, usually once a week (100u filter element is recommended);
   4. Regularly replace the protective glue and clean the protective glue system (recommended once a day);
  5. Wipe the rubber roller every day (maybe a clean soft cloth dipped in developer solution);
  6. Clean the rubber rollers regularly and thoroughly to ensure that the pressure between the rubber rollers is even (once a week);
  7. Regularly clean the heating section guide rail (once a week);
   8. The whole machine is clean, no developer or other chemical agents remain on the surface

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