What machines (equipment) are needed to manufacture PCB, that is, to open a circuit board factory?

List of main equipment: (There are also some small equipment not listed, such as vacuum packaging machines, which also need electroplating lines, gold plating, silver plating, and you can choose to outsource them)

1 电镀铜生产线 Copper Plating Line
2 电镀锡生产线 Nickel Plating Line
3 沉铜线 Plating Line
4 除胶渣线 Desmearing Line
5 曝光机 Exposure machine
6 磨板机 Brushing Machine
7 显影机 Developing Machine
8 成品清洗机 Final Cleaning Machine
9 蚀刻机 Etching Machine
10 烤箱 oven
11 丝印机 Screen Printer
12 绿油搅拌机 Solder mask ink mixer
13 磨刮刀机 Grind Drawknife Machine
14 贴膜机 dry film Laminator machine
15 数控钻机 CNC drilling Machine
16 数控锣机 CNC Routing Machine
17 剪板机 roll shearing Machine

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