Printed circuit board national team into the army to accelerate the wisdom of high value

Printed Circuit Board Intelligent Manufacturing National Alliance was formally established, will be committed to the layout of the public version of the printed circuit board intelligent manufacturing platform technology and equipment network unified communications protocol standards to accelerate the Taiwan circuit board industry towards intelligent and high value development.

Printed circuit board intelligent manufacturing national alliance by the ITRI, the policy will, Taiwan circuit board Association, assembled Advantech Technology, Xun Machinery, Yan Hing Electronics, Jing Peng Industrial and Yaohua Electronics.

Printed Circuit Board Smart Manufacturing National Alliance will be “link to the ground, link the future and link the international” three strategic spindle, by strengthening the integration of production and research resources, build circuit board industry, intelligent manufacturing model line, Refining, and gradually promote small and medium enterprises to upgrade.

The future of the printed circuit board plant through this platform and large data systems to develop their own application modules to address intelligent scheduling, error detection, yield prediction and other production problems, enhance the advantages of Taiwan’s industry.

Alliance to lead the equipment hardware and software manufacturers and academic institutions, will be precision machinery into the wisdom of technology, the development of a comprehensive industry intelligent application services, and then export the foreign market.

In response to domestic chip design and semiconductor technology to promote demand, the future will be combined with “chip design and semiconductor forward-looking technology-related technology research and development or application plan” to promote the printed circuit board equipment suppliers and domestic semiconductor industry, the completion of smart machine localization goals

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