The difference between zinc alkaline plating and acid zinc plating

Both zinc alkaline plating and acid zinc plating (chloride) can be applied to a wide variety of base metals and alloys. Choosing one over the other is largely a factor of the specific requirements of the coating, the base metal, and what will happen to the part after the plating process is complete.

Part Requirements and Zinc Alkaline Plating

Our focus has centered on alkaline zinc plating. Many of our parts have complex geometries and require even plate distribution. Zinc alkaline plating provides our customers with excellent ductility, uniform plating thickness, excellent ductility, and controlled distribution of zinc across the entire surface of the part.

Alkaline versus Acid Zinc

PartsComplex ShapesCastings
Throwing Powerxxxx
Current Efficiencyxxxxx
Corrosion Protection (WR, RR)xxxx

For us, typical automobile parts where a zinc alloy is used and require zinc alkaline plating include:

  • Anti-Vibration Components
  • Door Hinges / Locking Mechanisms
  • Horn Housings
  • Transmission Rings
  • Other interior components without direct weather exposure

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