Vertical Continuous Plating(VCP) line completely defeat traditional plating line

With the development of electronic devices toward to diversification of varieties ,functionality and Product minimization, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry faces the challenge of more sophisticated equipment and more advanced technologies.

SMT ELECTROTECH GROUP ,as professional wet pcb process equipment manufacturer, is facing current challenges and gradually introducing industy 4.0 intelligent production mode. It reserches and developes and make independently the vertical continuous plating line (VCP). Since 2011, just a few short years, VCP sales volume has exceeded 121 lines. It is widely used for pcb manufacturing process such as: panel plating, graphics plating, filling holes or half-filling holes plating, soft board plating and so on.

It is reported, the design concept of the universe group VCP line is updated on the basis of traditional plating line .Compared with traditional plating line, it has more advantages as below :

Device of loading / unloading material: the universe group VCP line adopts automatic design of loading and unloading material. The shortest cycle is only 8 seconds.
While traditional plating line can only load and unload the material by manual, which needs more operators, and the labor intensity is high, the staff turnover is fast, which is easy to cause Labour shortages.

Transmission structure: the universe group VCP line adopts transmission way of combination chain type with movable cathode pylons. Pylons drive more smoothly and connectibity is better. it has the advantage of less impact and low noise, etc;

While traditional plating line, impact and noise of bumble motor making serious noise pollution.

Production environment: in the same capacity, compared with traditional plating ,the contact area between liquid and air of VCP line is smaller,which is only a third of traditional plating line.Using the lateral jet produces less waste gas,so the required pumping air volume is small,and energy consumption is slow.The top extraction design of sealed equipment can greatly reduce gas leaks, which makes work environment safe and comfortable;

While traditional plating line is open.It is difficult for traditional plating line to achieve the effect of VCP in sealing.Because the quantity of copper plating tank is big, and the surface area of exposed liquid in air is much, and pylon has frequent movement which produces a large amonut of waste gas. So the whole workshop has harmful gas,which has serious impact on employee health. The pcb manufacturer need to configure high-power convulsions system to make the environment improve slightly, and energy consumption is high.The conservative estimated enerhy consumption is more than two times than VCP line .

Due to the limitations of structure and technology, traditional plating line has gradually lost its competitive advantage.In addition to producing a small part of the high depth of the products,the more cost-effective VCP line will replace the traditional plating line.Universe Group VCP line is a good example of industy.we believe,under the impetus of outstanding enterprise as the universe group, the development or PCB manufacturing industry toward to the sustainable and healthy direction of low consumption, low pollution, high quality, high efficient.

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