5G Smart Mobile Era Drives 3D Glass Market Demand Growth

At this stage, the development of mainland smartphones has entered a relatively mature stage, and the upgrade space for hardware configuration is gradually reduced, and it is becoming more and more difficult to make major innovations in functionality. Mainland mobile phone manufacturers have begun to continuously improve the personalization of mobile phone appearance, materials and functions.

    The most widely used mobile phone screens in the mainland market are 2.5D glass screens. The market share of 2D glass screens has gradually decreased, and the 3D glass screens with better performance have begun to increase. 3D glass has the advantages of light and thin, higher transparency, strong fingerprint resistance, anti-glare, and scratch resistance. In addition, with the wide application of flexible OLED screens, the combination of 3D glass and OLED screens has superior performance and is expected to become the development trend of mobile phone screens in the future.

    3D curved glass has higher ability to receive mobile phone signals, better heat dissipation performance, and curved arc design more in line with ergonomic requirements. As one of the mainstream mobile phone screens and casing materials, 3D curved glass is receiving more and more high-end The favor of mobile phones.

    Industry analysts said that the mainland smartphone market is close to saturation, but with the advent of the 5G era, the pace of mobile phone replacement is approaching, and the mobile phone market may usher in a boom again. At this stage, plastic materials have been eliminated in China’s mobile phone casing materials. With the upgrading of consumer structure and the popularity of 5G signals, the market share of metal casings will gradually decrease, while the yield of ceramic casings is lower, costs are higher, During this period, it was not possible to compete with 3D curved glass in a wide range of application markets. The market prospect of 3D glass in China is very broad.

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