Application scope and characteristics of automatic gantry electroplating production line

The automatic gantry electroplating equipment production line adopts imported brake motors, so it has balanced walking, reliable brakes, and less shaking. In addition, it adopts computer control, so that it can change the process and procedures at will, and can change the electroplating type and electroplating time at any time. To meet the requirements of different types of electroplating for different parts, the production line is suitable for electroplating of different shapes and sizes, but often changing products.

  1. Scope of application:
    The gantry electroplating production line is suitable for precious metal electroplating, such as nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, etc., including a complete set of process electroplating tanks, sinks and electroplating equipment around the production line (including rectifier power supply, high-precision acid and alkali resistant electroplating filter, tunnel drying furnace , Fuel oil heating furnace, industrial pure water machine, refrigerator and exhaust gas treatment exhaust system). The manual electroplating production line has a flexible design layout and a small footprint. It can have 2 to 3 process flows at the same time, which can meet the electroplating process of a variety of parts! Acid and alkali resistant pumps, acid and alkali resistant vertical pumps, self-priming pumps
  2. Features:
    The traveling wheel of the traveling vehicle adopts a composite structure of steel core and polyester rubber. The parking position adopts imported magnetic induction proximity switch, and the operation adopts imported frequency converter control and imported brand brake motor. It runs smoothly and stops accurately. Acid and alkali resistant pump, acid and alkali resistant vertical pump, self-priming pump
    Continuous operation, high production efficiency and large output.
    Fully automatic gantry electroplating production line, computer-controlled automatic transport back to the flying target operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.
    The design of the production line is reasonable, the structure is compact, the floor space is small, and the working environment can be greatly improved.
    The driving rail can be divided into two types: high rail and low rail. The high rail bracket has the characteristics of fast horizontal crane operation and less production area, but the cost is relatively high; the low rail bracket has short on-site installation time, convenient cleaning of the track, and cost Relatively low characteristics, but the crane should not run too fast. Acid and alkali resistant pump, acid and alkali resistant vertical pump, self-priming pump
    Using PLC programming control, different process programs can be programmed according to requirements, various parameter settings can be realized through the man-machine interface, and real-time safety monitoring and digital display records can be carried out. This product is widely used in the mass production of larger workpieces in the hardware, plastic and circuit board industries. It has the characteristics of wide application range, stable operation and strong process applicability. It is highly adaptable to frequent changes in the process and can meet the functional and decorative requirements of various plating species. According to the customer’s different electroplating process, production cycle and the output size of different workpieces and various actual conditions, choose low-rail, medium-rail or high-rail gantry linear production lines!

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