PCB edge beveling machine operation manual:

A. Unpacking and installation

  1. When unpacking, first check that the outer packaging is not damaged. If there is any damage, contact our factory. If there is no damage, open it carefully. Put the machine into a suitable position, and adjust the feet to a level.
  2. Check whether the machine is damaged, if any, contact our factory immediately. If it is not, you can turn on the power. After turning on the machine, listen to whether the machine turns abnormally. If necessary, turn it off immediately and check whether there is any looseness. If you can’t find it out, please contact our factory.

B. operating

  1. First take a sheet to be ground against the side baffle of the machine, turn on the machine power, the board will automatically enter the machine to complete the task of edging
  2. Check whether the edge of the board is smooth after edging, and measure the difference between the size and the unground. You can control the size by adjusting the tool holder. (Adjust the knife holder: 1. Open the organic board. 2. Loosen the motor adjusting screw. 3. Loosen the base screw. 4. Adjust the base handle, and fix it in turn after adjustment)
  3. Normally place the boards one by one and move a distance in the middle, and the boards will enter the machine one by one to complete the task of edging.
    (Single machine can only complete one side at a time)

C. Unloading or loading the knife

  1. Take off the organic board, use a hexagonal wrench to open the dust suction cover, insert the hexagonal wrench into the air with the knife holder, and then loosen the fixed knife nut with a 32 open-end wrench to unload the knife.
  2. After installing the tool, turn the tool by hand to check whether the tool is installed correctly, and install it in the direction of the knife edge and the direction of the label. If you find that the sound is stuck during the rotation, you need to check whether there is any deviation.

D. Adjustment

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