The use and precautions of the rolling shearing machine

The use and precautions of the rolling shearing machine:

①The installation and disassembly of the cutter and the maintenance of the equipment, the equipment adopts 5 pairs of cutting discs, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly. The tool has been debugged and assembled on the cutter body when leaving the factory. Because the cutting edge is relatively sharp, please pay attention to maintain the tool. Do not test with your hands or thick metal plates. The tool has a limited service life. After long-term use and wear, you can For sharpening, you only need to loosen the fixing screw on the cutter head and remove the blade. (Note that the blade is a combination of two pieces. You must sharpen the working end plane at the same time according to the mark, and the inner mounting surface with the character mark Please do not grind. The abrasive grain of ordinary surface grinder is recommended to be no less than 120 mesh.) When assembling the new tool, the fixed tool position on the cutter head must be wiped clean to prevent the filling of debris, causing the tool to tilt and jump, which affects the cutting of the equipment. Accuracy, tighten the screws after the tool is adjusted in place.
a) Clean up every day and wipe off the dust on the equipment.
b) There should be no oil stains, hard particles and foreign matter on the rubber roller to prevent damage to the surface of the rubber roller.
c) In the process of cutting the board, there should be no metal fragments, hard and sundries on the board surface.
d) Do not adjust the dial indicator lever on the equipment at will.

Note: Non-professional and technical personnel of our company are forbidden to disassemble the equipment!

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