PCB plating

2000 China’s PCB production value of $ 3.635 billion , accounting for 8.7 % of global PCB output value , ranking fourth in the world . In China ‘s PCB output value , accounting for 83.5 percent of Guangdong . Therefore , the Guangdong region PCB plating is a great industry .

According to incomplete statistics , Guangdong PCB manufacturers only one phosphor material , the annual consumption of around 10,000 tons . PCB consumption of large enterprises phosphor 400-600 tons, 200-300 tons of medium-sized enterprises . Guangdong region acid copper plating PCB needs a year up to 1000 tons. Only phosphor bronze and acid copper plating annual sales value reached 4-5 million.

Surface treatment process involved in the production of PCB degreasing , to stain the inner wall of the hole , the activation treatment , electroless copper plating , direct plating process , plating tin alloy , copper etching , plating, gold processes. Therefore requires a lot of special plating chemicals and ordinary chemical raw materials, all add up to tens of billion yuan.

Specialty chemicals currently used in the PCB industry for more than 90 % of the large international companies such as the famous American company MacDermind, ShipleyLeaRonal former German company Schering, schlotter etc. monopoly ( now LeaRona to Shipley as mergers , Schering merged Atotech, MacDermind merger of British Canning). Only a handful of domestic research institutes and plating additive manufacturers products into one of the few small PCB business. One reason is that all the raw materials for PCB production requirements are very strict , and partly because many links PCB production value of expensive economic liability after a major quality problems . Therefore, the domestic research institutes engaged in surface treatment and electroplating additive producers only increase investment , the introduction of professional high-tech talent , purchase special equipment research and development, will it be possible to enter this market has great potential PCB industry .

conventional PCB electroplating

PCB ( double-sided and multilayer means ) to form an industrial scale , the company benefited from PCK published in 1963 patented electroless copper formulations and Shipley then in 1961 the company published patent colloidal palladium formula. They are able to make through-hole plating line runs automatically become the basis , the foundation technology also came to be widely accepted PCB production .

Since the 1990s , the traditional chemical copper as the main hole of (PTH) process subject to many pressures and challenges.

Here is a traditional PCB production process: “missing “

Cu plating solution of common features are:

( A ) contain a complexing or chelating agents such as sodium tartrate , EDTA and EDTP;

( 2 ) reducing the Cu plating are used formaldehyde ; while stabilizer Youyi cyanide as much.

The presence of complexing agent EDTA or EDTP to create great difficulties for wastewater treatment , formaldehyde is a known carcinogen , another drawback of the traditional copper plating is: side effects of the chemical copper plating bath maintenance and management difficulties , which cause chemical copper plating quality.

Electroless Copper is often due to the cost of underutilized and vary greatly. The cost of a non- continuous production of bath bath than a continuous production of high times. Therefore , electroless copper plating process has been plagued PCB manufacturer’s problem.

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